Saturday, June 26, 2010

You Are Now Entering A Designated Scistor-Free Zone

No more scissors around here. After James decided to cut his hair, Katie must have felt the need to do a little rouge scissor-work herself. She was sitting at the table, cutting paper into little tiny bits. (She loves doing this) I was making dinner. All of a sudden she came to me with the strawberry bag I just made her, saying 'You need to fix this!' She apparently decided that when paper is not enough, you should cut off the drawstrings of your brand new bag. At least that'll be an easy fix. No more scissors for a while!


Anonymous said...

Oh Megan! The scissor stories bring back so many memories! When Don was 4 or 5, he cut his hair right in the front where nothing could be done, in the middle of his forehead. When Nathan was about 5, I went to a church meeting in Colfax, the kids were in a room right next to the meeting. A little boy asked all the kids, "Who wants a haircut?" Nathan said, I do, he came out with all of his hair cut off when the meeting was over, grrrr. Praise the Lord hair grows back. The trials of a MOM! Been there!

Anonymous said...

Hey Megan! Are you not doing the Sunday Stills any more, I noticed that you didn't post one last week or today, I was just wondering, I have missed your Sunday photos, I thought it would be a lot of fun, something different!

Jeff and Meg said...


I have not given up! I just haven't had the time or mental energy these last two weeks to get it done. I may post it tomorrow. Thanks for asking! :)