Wednesday, June 09, 2010

All In One Day

Saturday we went to Lancaster with some friends of ours. We toured a reproduction of the Tabernacle and the kids even lasted through the whole thing! After that we went out to lunch at our favorite place out there. And I would like to note that if you heard angels singing on Saturday, it was because they were rejoicing with me over the fact that they still had Rhubarb Pie!!! After lunch we walked out to the petting zoo-type thing next door so the kids check out the animals. It was really fun to go on a trip with friends, who also have (adorable) kids the same ages as ours. Thanks for coming with us, Jenni and Danny!

But the day was not over. We headed over to Aunt Sally's new abode and played there till about 5:00 and then headed home. Needless to say we were tired by the end of the day.

Here are a few pictures of the Amish things we saw. We stopped at a farm supply store to look for a cowboy hat. It was Amish-run and even the street lamps outdoors where not electric (see photo). They installed skylights inside for lighting. The picture of all the horses hitched up to the post was also at the farm store. The bike is an Amish bike. The reason they don't have peddles is because the Amish believe that they should be as self-sufficient as possible and rely little on the outside world. By having a bike/scooter without peddles, that is that many less parts that could break or go wrong. This modified bike is easier to maintain. The pictures of the mule team were the best I could get. I couldn't tell what he was doing, but whatever implement he was pulling had some sort of small generator on it to run whatever it was. (How's that for specific?!) Modern farming is hard enough. I can't imagine farming the 'old-fashioned' way.


DayPhoto said...

We have lots of Mennonites and Amish here, but they drive HUGE diesel trucks, live in houses my mother-in-law would die to own, and have thriving businesses. They continue to wear thier traditional clothes (if female) but you can't tell their men for any other man walking down the street.


Anonymous said...

I am enjoying all your pic and stories from last week, we just arrived home last night from Oregon, we were gone a week and it rained and was cold most of the week we were there, I think we had two and a half days without rain, hard rain I might add.

We stayed in our new to us trailer so we stayed dry. Trying to catch up now that we are back, so much to do. Is it worth being gone? Hee hee!

mcwigginseses said...

you didn't stop and get root beer this time? :)

Jeff and Meg said...

Heck no!! That stuff is NASTY!!!!