Friday, June 04, 2010

Did I Mention...

Our trip ended very differently than we had anticipated. As in, I flew back ALONE with THREE KIDS. Fun times! The (semi)short story is that my grandpa had quite the tool collection. When Grandma and Grandpa moved from CO to FL, he wanted to keep them even though he didn't really need them. He wanted to have them around, and pass them on eventually. When we were in Florida, Grandma asked if Jeff would look through the storage unit to see if there was anything worth keeping. Jeff determined that indeed, Grandpa had enough tools to outfit a small brigade of Norm Abram's. Grandma had said that whoever came and got them could have them, since she didn't want to the storage unit forever. Jeff had initially thought about coming down sometime this summer. I casually threw out the idea of him renting a car and driving back. Well, that's the way it worked out. He found a van (an act of God, seriously!) and we loaded them up and he headed off to drive 15 hours straight to Dad's garage, from FL to PA, only stopping two or three times for gas. (No sleeping or meals...good thing we sent him snacks!) He only had the van for 24 hours thus the rush. And me, well, I took three kids on the airplane by myself. I got a lot of sympathetic stares. Aunt Phylis and Grandma took us to the airport where Aunt Phylis commandeered a wheelchair to push the carseats in! I somehow managed to survive the flight, found a shuttle ride to the parking place, and drove my kids safely home. While it went pretty well, I hope I never have to do that again!!!

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DayPhoto said...

And it all worked out for everyone...But I'm a bit sorry for you, that had to be hard.

The car seat thing, everything else would be like normal.