Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm Still Processing....

(Tyler 'helping' Jeff install trim; he is very, very interested in 'guy' things already)

Tyler took his first steps yesterday. Two of them at once! And if that wasn't enough to send me into some existential meltdown, he did that two more times. I mean, part of me is excited about it but part of me is shouting 'Hello! You're my baby!!! Please, please, slow down!' But alas, he is not cooperating with my plans. So, pretty soon I'll have another kid running around the house.

And here is a random picture of fun and cuteness from last week. We went to a local park so James could ride his bike on the nice, flat sidewalks there. He is getting really good at riding his bike. Now we need to get him a bike that is more his size, and I think pretty soon he'll be ready to try without training wheels. How is it that my first baby is going to be five in September???



Phillip and Rachel said...

It's not a Groves pic if someone isn't screaming...hehehe!

DayPhoto said...

What a darling photo....Daddy and son working together. I also loved the upset face on your little girl. And that smile on your oldest...he so so proud of what he has been able to do!