Thursday, June 24, 2010


So I guess this was inevitable. One of my kids got the wild idea to cut their own hair. Last night I was sitting across from James, and I kept thinking his hair looked funny. There was a patch of scalp showing but at first I thought maybe his hair was just sitting a certain way. The more I looked at it though, the more I realized that something was not right. I went over and felt the patch. Sure enough, he had cut off a patch the size of a dime. Now he has a spot of white scalp that stares at you when you talk to him. I am just glad he didn't get the bright idea to give Katie her first hair cut! That is what worries me, since her hair would take a lot longer to grow back. We made sure he knows that he is not to cut his own hair again. When I told him it looked ridiculous, he said 'Am I going to look ridiculous at church too?' Yes, James, yes you will.

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DayPhoto said...

Sigh! It always happens. Just a matter of time. But maybe only ONE of your children will do so.