Wednesday, June 30, 2010

There Are No Words

Yesterday started out just fine. We went to the farm, picked our green beans, flowers and snow peas. We visited the pigs and the kids climbed all over their favorite felled walnut tree. We got the rest of our share and came home. However, by the time we got home I had a raging heat headache. I always got them when I was a kid, and I forgot how bad they were until yesterday. I actually took a nap! When I woke up I realized it was not going away and broke down and took something for it. That helped in short order, leaving me wondering why I didn't take anything earlier. The rest of the afternoon proceeded nicely, except for this blasted heat we've been having. When it was time to make dinner things started heading south. The microwave started making some crazy sounds and sparking and smoking. I wasn't too surprised as its been on its last legs for a while now. I put the microwave out of my mind and went to making some muffins. A piece of butter got caught just right in the paddle of my Kitchen@id mixer and while I turned it off as quick as I could, it rendered my mixer useless. My precious mixer! I was so upset. I couldn't believe I managed to break both the microwave and the mixer within five minutes of each other. Talk about depressing. I was/am mostly concerned about my mixer. In all the chaos I also mixed up some steps in my second attempt at making yogurt and thought I ruined the whole thing. This morning, though, the yogurt looks like its doing what its supposed to do (thanks, Merry Jo, for the instructions!). After giving Jeff a little talk about 'letting go,' (ha, ha!) we declared the time of death for the microwave. We stayed up til 11:30 taking apart the mixer, all while I was praying that Jeff wouldn't do to the mixer what he did to my Serger, may she rest in peace. Between taking things apart and running back and forth googling for directions, we extracted the failed part, a plastic gear. So, as long as all goes well finding the part and reassembling that bad boy, I think I'll be back in business. But for now, I am kind of afraid to tough any of our appliances.


Merry Jo said...

No problem, Meg! Hope it works out for you. We just got some new grass-fed milk today for our next batch... :) Miss you tons!

Phillip and Rachel said...

Let's take a moment of silence for all of our dead microwaves and toaster ovens :)