Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Yesterday was Jeff's birthday. I keep calling him an old fart, and then reality hits and I remember that I am over a year older than him. Duh. To celebrate, I planned to make a nice dinner involving steak. I had the potatoes and steaks ready for the grill, went out and realized that sometime between when I started the grill and when I went out to use it, the gas was out! Lovely. So, we dined on everything but the steak, which was really supposed to be the main part of dinner. The kids sang the sweetest rendition of Happy Birthday I have ever heard. James knew the words pretty well; Katie sang 'happy, Daddy, happy, Daddy, amen.' The cuteness factor was pretty much over the top. Last night, James told Jeff he had a birthday present for him. He said that Jeff wanted to go to Mayor's Park and have a picnic. Who knew Jeff and James thought so much alike? ;) We went today and had a lot of fun. I just might have gone on the swings, and given James an underdog. Shhhh...don't tell the pregnancy police!

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scottnmerr said...

Woah! You're less than 2 weeks away! I'll bet you're ready! :) Miss you tons! I'm hoping to come up to visit after Cheepa arrives (and after you're a little settled). We enjoy the updates!