Thursday, July 23, 2009

Random Ramblings

  • I've found the Mother Land, in the form of a brand-spankin'-new W@lmart. I know some people think that W@lmart is an evil store but where else can a tired mom go to buy bananas, diapers, toddler undies and glue sticks all in one place?! I think I could actually get lost in there.
  • We are waiting to hear back on our counter offer. The offer we received was a little lower than we would like, so we are trying to meet somewhere in the middle.
  • Tyler was starting to get a little fussy this morning, and James went and laid down next to him and said, 'shhh, its OK, I'm here. I'm here.' He's also come up with a new line to use every time he does something to Tyler (e.g. waving in his face, showing him a book, giving him a kiss, etc.) 'But he didn't even cry or anything!'
  • Katie has begun to say 'own! own!' about a lot of things. This is her version of 'mine!' We got her 'big girl undies' today and she had to put on all 9 pairs, at once!!! I don't think she's quite ready to potty train yet, but it would be nice.

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