Monday, July 27, 2009

James Commentary: Nursing Addition

Warning: The following post is about lactation and the vessels required for such endeavors

James: Mom, are you gonna have those 'fings forever?
Me: What things?
James: Those milk 'fings.
Me: Yeah, I'll have them forever, they just wont always make milk. When Tyler gets bigger he won't nurse anymore and I won't need any more milk.
James: So are you gonna throw them away when Tyler is done with them?


DayPhoto said...

Laugh, snort, giggle, chuckle!


Trish D said...

Can I just say that I got a much needed laugh this morning, as I read this post immediately followed by the title "Photos of Delicious, etc" in my reader (yep, sometimes my mind goes in places it shouldn't ;)

And on a side note, just this past week A asked why mommies have "Pom Poms." Go team!!

Jeff and Meg said...

Oh, my goodness Trish! That is too funny, both the 'Photos of Deliciousness' and PomPoms. :)