Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Still on Baby Watch

Random Picture Of the Day: Painting with a Toddler

Not much to report here. We had a nice long weekend, celebrated Jeff's Birthday and Father's Day, all while watching my feet swell to enormous proportions. Fortunately the feet have subsided somewhat in since yesterday and made things much more comfortable. The kids loved (as usual) having Uncle Phil and Auntie Rachel come down. The basic formula is my kids dragging Uncle Phil all over the yard, begging him to 'dig to China,' play water balloons, and various other shenanigans. Uncle Phil is a good sport and seems to like my kids just a wee bit, so I don't think he gets too annoyed. :) There is really no way to go wrong in my kids' minds when they are at Grammy and Chappy's house, in the backyard, with all the relatives at their disposal!

In other news, the house has been listed for a week and half and we have had 4 or 5 showings. Hopefully the right person will come along ASAP and buy it! Paying two mortgages is not all that fun. Jeff started school again last night, via an online course. This one lasts six weeks or so, and is 'African American History of the 1900's.' Right up Jeff's ally, considering his college career has consisted of class subjects such as 'Strength of Materials,' 'Chemistry,' 'Building Codes,' 'Statics and Dynamics,' and other basic rocket science-type classes. The really nice thing about this class is that it is considered 'double dipping,' and counts for two different requirements. Can't beat that!

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DayPhoto said...

9 days! I am so excited for you. My nephew and his sweet little wife had thier third while I was on vacation. A little girl. They are home now and doing fine. Oh, Joy! 9 More Days!