Saturday, July 25, 2009

Photos of Deliciousness, etc.

One of Tyler's favorite pastimes.

Just look at those big muscles!


I'm snuggling, Mama!

Kids showing off the monster squash. We found it hiding under a big leaf and obviously it had some time to get HUGE! (The one on the left is normal size)

We are starting to pick things every day!

One of the most adorable pictures of all times! James is very excited to have a brother! He practically mauls Tyler every time he gets a chance. (In a nice, gently 3.5 year old sort of way) 'But he didn't cry or any-fing!'

House Update: The latest is that the prospective buyer is 'trying to work things out,' so who knows. Maybe yes, maybe no. The good news is that in the not-quite month since we have listed our house, a few others in our neighborhood are now pending sale, which means things are moving.

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