Thursday, July 02, 2009

Garden Surveillance

Now that Groundhog Numero Tres has moved into my yard, I am on the warpath. That spawn of Satan decimated all five of my bush beans in one day. He nibbled the leaves off my pole beans. He ate my carrot and beet tops. All of this, in the course of two days. This little rodent has caused me to take on the paranoia of a drug dealer fearing he is under surveillance. I peek out the window all day long to make sure the beast isn't pillaging my plants, or munching on my marigolds. I have put mothballs under the shed (supposed to deter them), and sprayed the pole beans with an evil stinky brew of egg, cinnamon, pepper and garlic. I have checked and double checked my fence situation and blocked any holes bigger than a baseball. So far, he's still in the yard (at least I spotted him on Tuesday), but he has not made it into the garden since the weekend as far as I can tell. Little booger. I really need to get my own trap, seems how my shed seems to be some sort of Groundhog Love Shack attraction.

On a happy note, while performing my daily foliage check, I found that I have some (still green) Yellow Pear tomatoes, a few little lantern-shaped husks on my tomatillos, and a plethora of squash blossoms. Hooray!

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