Sunday, November 18, 2007

We Got Creamed

Cream of Corned, that is. Yesterday we were out on our patio and lo and behold I saw what appeared to be corn on our window. I quickly discounted the corn idea, as it seemed implausible. I realized just as quickly that it couldn't have come from a bird, either. Unless the bird was very skilled at low-flying shenanigans. (We have a roof that overhangs our patio) Then I saw an egg shell...right below the egg that was splattered on our house! I looked around and realized that our house had been egged. But alas! We must explain the corn. There, lying on the patio, was an opened can of cream of corn, with its contents splattered hither and yon. We had been cream-of-corned! Who does this, you wonder? I am not sure if creamed corn is the newest teenage prank, or if they just couldn't find enough eggs. Obviously, the kids who did it were not very smart. The only possible trajectory of the flying food originates in our neighbor's backyard. They have teenagers. Apparently they couldn't think of anything better to do that egg/corn their neighbor's house. We've never had trouble before. They actually seemed like nice young chaps. Every once in a while they come over to get their football from our yard. I have no idea why they decided that our house should be the target of their exploits. Or why they decided to hurl a can of creamed corn at the side of our house.


mcwiggins said...

What the?

Darn kids. They just don't know how to have good, clean fun anymore.


pianoguyonstage said...

After tasting your cooking last night...I would have thrown clam chowder!!!! (With a side order of avocado YUCK)