Wednesday, November 21, 2007

James' Latest Adventure

Last night, James went to the movies! Jeff took James to see a sneak preview of "The Pir@tes Who D@n't Do Anything," a new Veggie T@les movie coming out in January. We weren't sure if he would sit through the whole thing, but he did. Afterward, they had Jeff fill out a survey and gave James a handful of Veggie gear: posters, a magnet, and trading cards! When James came home, you could tell he was walking on cloud nine. He was so excited, running around saying 'pie-wits!' So James' first theater experience was a success. He now has his 'pie-wits' poster hanging above his crib.


Trish D said...

Very cool - how on earth did you guys get to do this? We're thinking that's going to be our kids' first "theater" movie (plus I want to see it, too!)

Jeff & Meg said...

Someone posted the info in, of all places, Freecycle! You could just go to the website and get free tickets. Cool, huh?