Friday, November 02, 2007

Recycling Gone Terribly Wrong

Some people go too far. They have to much time on their hands, or something wrong with their sensibilities. I found this link on my friend's blog. Check this out:

How to make a bra into a purse!

And, depending on the size of the bra, you can have a coin purse, or something to tote your groceries home in. Sounds oh, so intriguing, doesn't it?


mcwiggins said...

When did people decide to make innerwear into outerwear?

Sick and wrong, sick and wrong. I, too, draw the line.

If I wouldn't donate something to the thrift store, I certainly wouldn't make it into an accessory.

Phillip and Rachel said...

That is so nasty. Nobody in their right mind would want to recycle an old, crusty bra and make it into a coin purse. I mean really, can you imagine someone coming up to you at the grocery store as you are digging in your "bra purse" for some change and saying "that purse is so lovely. What a nice cup size!!!" I mean really people...the feminists had it right, burning theirs during womens lib! HA!!!!