Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dear Eric,

A Rebuttal To Your Rebuttal

I would like to respond to a friendly little comment left by "pianoguyonstage", who in response to a previous blog entry regarding pregnancy/birth, said:

"Hey Meg! This is Eric. I feel the need to comment on some of these blogs so here I go. Oh and I recently picked up a copy of the New York Times to see where your front page articles are being published but alas, I couldn't find your writings. Must be my eyes. Also, I feel the desperate need and desire to publish a rebuttal. You do not talk about the extreme pain the poor husband has to go through during the birth. He has to deal with down time...lots of it. Oh and the yelling and name calling. Sometimes, the husband's feelings are hurt here. I also think it's a Tragedy that the woman gets whatever drugs she wants and the poor husband..(who so despeartely needs Vicodin) gets nothing!!!!! Please remind Rachel of these hardships we husbands go through."

Ah, where to begin? First of all, it must be your eyes. I have a daily column which is very popular I might add. Second of all, extreme pain!?! Down time?! Need for drugs?! Please tell me, so I can clarify with Rach, what extreme pain does the husband go through during childbirth? Is it extremely painful to sit on a comfy chair and watch re-runs while your wife is having contractions? Or is it extremely painful to loose your beauty rest because your wife decides to go into labor in the middle of the night? And since when is 'down time' such a punishment? Would you rather be birthing a human being? And why the need for Vicodin? Candi and I have managed to have a few babies without any drugs at all, so I don't see what the big deal is. Also, I would like to clarify. I don't know what your sweet wifey was yelling as she birthed your three children. (Knowing her it was nothing but sweetness) Maybe she was yelling because you told her 'you felt her pain.' I think that would make me yell too. For myself, there was no yelling/name-calling directed towards my hubby. He just sat off to the side and tried not to turn green. He did mention afterward that he didn't know if he could go through it again. He said it was very intense. Hmm...for him or for ME? So, to quote your dear wife, 'Puh-leeeeeze,' get a grip. Be glad you just get to sit there next to her, even if she is yelling a few choice phrases every now and then. So, when are you going to have the next one?!



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pianoguyonstage said...

You know....Meg....I think it's a matter of attitude. I.E. Your attitude. Jeff is a hard-working man and he needs his beauty rest. I would think you could have the decency to have that baby during the day rather than cost him precious hours of sleep. Oh, and not during a big game or a big party so he can feel happy and refreshed. Oh and next time, I feel, if you don't want any drugs, he, and I do need some to put up with all that whining. "Oh oh I'm having a baby! Ohhh it hurts doctor!!" Yeah yeah yeah what did you expect? A ham on rye? I am thinking you should just drive yourself to the hospital, have the baby, then drive yourself home with the child and do not disturb your husband. Oh yes, and when you do drive yourself, please take your other child so he can have the house to himself for once. I have three and I am thinking we husbands need a cruise to Jamaica or Cozumel for all the pain and hardship we have had to ENDURE these past years.
I am just commenting as your friend. I personally wouldn't want to be in that room with all that whining and complaining when giving birth. Sounds like a paradise to me.
Love, Eric

Ps...pass the remote