Sunday, November 11, 2007


Its a tragedy, folks! I went to the dentist yesterday and he so kindly informed my that I have, after 27 years, acquired my first cavity.

And my second.

And my third.

And my fourth.

Yes! I have four cavities! I was stunned, depressed, and felt like crying. Where did they come from? He informed me that one of them is big, very very BIG. He said the words root canal. I think I stopped breathing. He was very surprised at how all of the sudden I had such a huge cavity, and three others to boot. But, he informed me that he has had many patients who's teeth were fine until pregnancy and then, boom! Cavities! Apparently something during pregnancy triggers the teeth to go 'crazy' as he put it. So now I have to have them drill a nice hole in my tooth to see whether I need a filling or a root canal. And I am not looking forward to it. I have gone long enough without any dental work, and I am not excited about starting now. I wish I could postpone it but the kind dentist informed me that although the cavity is not at the surface of my tooth, one of these days 'you'll be eating a banana and a chunk of your tooth will just fall off.' Uh, nice. I guess I will be setting my appointment ASAP. Waaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trish D said...

Girly, I *DEFINITELY* feel your pain! Seriously, make that appt now. Root canals actually aren't all that bad (although I don't generally schedule them for fun) - and I speak from LOTS of experience. And yes, my teeth totally went to pot after having the kids. :)

(And on a side note, you might want to try to have all the work done before the end of the year, depending on your insurance)

mcwiggins said...

So sorry to hear of your tooth aches. I have a friend whose teeth also went "crazy" after she had kids.

I once read that getting cavities has more to do with the pH level of your saliva than it does with what you eat.

Maybe you won't have to get the root canal.

pianoguyonstage said...

Ahhhhhh the perils of root canal! You know...some say it has to do with PH. SOme say pregnancy.... I say it's because of a certain person. Ok her name starts with an "M" and ends with a "egan groves"
This is the main reason.