Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Squirrel and The Parachute (And Other Randomness)

James had one of those parachute guys that every kid has had in their lifetime. His was pretty nice with a bright orange cloth parachute. One morning, he came in very upset because he had left it out and it had blown up in a tree. I went out to find the parachute guy hanging way up in our neighbor's tree. It was strange because it was really high up and in the center of the tree right next to the trunk. It was hard to see how it could blow up there but there was really no other explanation. I told him that hopefully it would blow out of the tree one of these days. The next day, I saw that the guy was gone. I looked everywhere, thinking that it had blown into another branch. It was NOWHERE!! Then I saw the squirrel nest and realized that the squirrel had been doing a little remodeling as evidenced by the pile of stuff on the ground under the nest. It would also explain how the parachutist got so high into the tree in the first place. While I can't prove with 100% certainty that the squirrel was the perpetrator, my money's on him. There's really no other possibilities. Now if see a squirrel gliding around with an orange parachute I will know for sure!

In other news, we went to the Grange Fair today. It was a beautiful day and the kids got free balloons (!!) and we watched the pig races. I would prefer to slowly browse the agricultural displays and such but the kids surprisingly weren't interested in inspecting jars of jam or garlic bulbs. Tyler immediately smelled the food booths and asked me to buy him 'wunch'. I offered him the snack we brought but he wasn't born yesterday and thanks to Grammy and Chappy has a keen interest in hot dogs. He 'melled them and he wanted one! I distracted him with a balloon, courtesy of our local Representative. They also gave him a lollipop which was helpful in distracting him. 

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