Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer is Fleeting

This summer is flying by way too fast. I realize I might be in the minority here but I am not ready for the kids to go back to school. In some ways, I look forward to the routine that comes along with getting to the bus on time, and picking James (and now Katie!) up from the bus and coming home together. I am not excited about not being able to pick up and go on some adventure on a whim, or have a lazy day at home playing in the yard. But waa, waa, is what it is. And it will be just fine. We shall pack in a few more adventures and some lazy days at home and then we will be back in the thick of it. We have definitely made the most of this summer.

On a random side note...James has been on a quest for a long time to build himself a boat, as in...a James sized boat. A bit ambitious but he is now at the stage where he (mostly) has the skills to pull it off. We have discussed Ben Franklin and the many failures that led up to his inventions and James is on board with the whole process. We took the boat out for a second test run today and it was buoyant enough to float Katie or Tyler and it kept James from sinking although it rode pretty low in the water. We have determined that we need a few more empty milk jugs to float the pontoons and we will be golden. I'll take pictures when it is complete. It is quite the sight to behold! I imagine if Jed Clampett were ever to build a boat, it would resemble this boat. I call it the U.S.S. Trash Boat, but James is not amused. Fortunately we also have our neighbor saving milk jugs so we shouldn't have to wait too long to sail her again!

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Terry and Linda said...

School is in full swing here. Grand Junction/Fruita started last week. I'm glad you have still a wee bit more of time with your kids. I'm looking forward to the boat!