Sunday, August 25, 2013

Right Now:

We are home from church and Tyler has Katie perched atop an overturned laundry basket. Tyler is doing Katie's hair, or as he puts it he is 'decorating' her hair. He says he wants her to look pretty and that when she isn't pretty he will "put some pretty on for you".  She basically looks like a 4 year old's version of one of those Barbie heads they used to make where you do their hair with a plethora of plastic clips adorned with poodles and sparrows. And he has declared that she looks 'beautiful'! Now he has turned to coiffing his stuffed giraffe with my eyelash curler. Which is as good a use as any for an eyelash curler if you ask me. (Sorry, Rach! I do use it once a year or so.)

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