Friday, August 02, 2013

Strasburg Railroad

Today we went to ride on the Strasburg Railroad. It is billed as the oldest in America being founded in 1832. Mom and Dad, AKA Grammy and Chappy, went with us and we met Aunt Sally there. It was a lot of fun! We were gone from 8:30 this morning til 6pm and let me tell you, the kids went to sleep almost instantaneously! 

Here are the kids waiting for the little 'Pufferbelly' train, the kid sized locomotive. It even goes on a small turntable to switch the locomotive to the other side. Riding on this train is sort of like riding in a parade because everyone waves at you as you drive by. 

These are the 'Cranky Cars' which the kids also loved! I asked the guy how old the cars were and he thinks they were from the 30's. 

James was especially fond of the Cranky Cars.

My boys hamming it up for the camera. Not to brag or anything, but they are pretty much the cutest!

James has been asking to take pictures lately and took this one of Katie and I

This is the view from the turn table at the end of the station

The pump car: this picture was taken seconds before Katie clocked Tyler because she didn't want him on her side

This was in the train museum. James wanted his picture in front of the giant wheel. 

Chappy and James

This was on the side of one of the more modern trains. I love the nerd!

This was my favorite train. It is currently being restored and it is a....drumroll please.....snow plow car! It sort of looks like a tugboat on rails. It is made of wood, because that's how it was made way back in the old days.

Two kids in a candy store

James posing in front of the model trains. I loved watching this kid explore the museum! You could tell he was loving it.


Terry and Linda said...

BOY! Now that is something I would have loved to see and to do!


Trish D said...

That looks so fun!! That was one of those places we always meant to take D (back in the days when he would play with his wooden trains for hours) but it never happened.

The pic with you & Katie is adorable!!