Saturday, August 17, 2013

Exploring A New Place

On Friday the kids and I hit the road to explore a state park we hadn't been to. I don't know how I missed this one because it is really nice! I contemplated moving in to the park as some sort of squatter but how have a husband and three kids isn't really conducive to that lifestyle. And besides, there would be no place to plug in my sewing machine. As Erin suggested, find a currant bush! ha!!!! Now on to the pictures: 

While we were driving around looking for the actual entrance to the park (which eluded GPS) we saw a nice park and stopped. The kids loved the old-school slide. Have you noticed they have taken all the fun out of slides these days? They aren't nearly as fast and you don't hear a sizzling sound from your legs when you go down the slide on a hot summer day. Where is the fun in that?!

The Squatch approved after some initial hesitation

When we found the park, we had a picnic complete with chips (!!) and cream soda in glass bottles

Hamming it up (Tyler couldn't put down the chips!)

Ready to go to the creek

Picture courtesy of Katie. The kids all took turns taking pictures with my camera. You never know what your going to get....

Like this one! Talk about freezing an awkward moment for posterity. What is even happening in this picture?

Tyler took this one. Go, T!

Katie and I: Feet Edition

The toad I caught. This one actually survived being held by all three kids. He's a tough one!

Playing under the bridge

Climbing a big tree that twisted over the edge of the creek

James and his treasures

Very happy girl: they spent at least an hour making a dam in the creek

Another very happy camper: he got to float his boats. The creek was nice and calm in the area we found so he didn't have to worry about them floating away before he could catch them.

Building the dam

Three monkeys in a tree

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Terry and Linda said...

YIPPPEEE!!! The best kind of day...nothing to do but PLAY!