Saturday, August 24, 2013

Don't Think Less Of Me

So I just finished making a pan of blondies for the church picnic tomorrow. A 'picnic' is dangerously close to a church potluck and you know how I love those! (Our church doesn't do potlucks so this is a move in the right direction!) As I was creaming the butter and the sugar I noticed something blue in the batter. What?! It turns out that one of the kids stashed a crayon in the mixing bowl. If you could have been in my head, this is what you would have heard:
What is that? Huh? A crayon! For the love of Pete! Well, I better get that out of there. Oh, it broke into 3 pieces. Hopefully just 3 pieces. What if there is a piece still in there? Just put them on a paper plate and no one will ever know who brought them. Hey, maybe I could put blue sprinkles on top? Then they would think it was just a sprinkle? Eh, looks like I got it all out. Carry on.

At no point did I even consider starting over. I mean, crayons are nontoxic, right? I guess the proof is in the pudding...heh, heh....


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Erin said...

I would eat your blondies even if there was a crayon in it. Yum.