Monday, August 12, 2013

Another Check Off The Fun List

One of the things on our summer fun list was going to 5 Mile Woods. Its a nifty little area of preserved land in the woods. There are lots of little details to see and explore. We once found a deer track frozen in the ice which was pretty cool. Obviously there was no ice this time of year but we did find a frog. 

The kids love to stand on this little moss carpet and pose for pictures. Except when they get distracted. Frog! Dragonfly! Cricket!

Katie's blond hair shining in the sun

And by this point Tyler is trying to make a run for it

I saw this and thought it was hilarious. This relationship must not have ended well, for someone to take the time to find the tree and x it out. The red blaze adds to the intrigue.

All 3 kids smiling in the same picture. Its a miracle!

Look at this little cutie, who I took a million pictures of

This smile which makes me melt

And more melting

Swinging on a big vine

More cuteness (I would apologize but I'm not really sorry ;)

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Terry and Linda said...

I am so happy to see each and everyone of you and Jeff...although, I missed your photo! Summer is fast ending here. I lost all of July and the first of August.