Saturday, May 18, 2013

Yard Sales!

Today was apparently the day to have a yard sale. I took the older two out with me, and we never even made it to the church yard sale I saw in the paper. There were just too many yard sales on the way. I found like-new summer jammie sets for Katie for a buck fifty each. The kids found a few (annoying) trinkets to spend their money on. I say annoying, because I hate toys, junk, and plastic crap cluttering up the house and when they get broken, someone cries. But alas, I suppose that is all part of learning money management...or so I tell myself. And my most exciting find: 4 raspberry bushes for $1.50 each...yay!! Now I must figure out where to plant them. If it weren't for the kids needed a place to run around, I would turn the whole yard into a garden.

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Terry and Linda said...

Darn those to play...who ever heard of such a thing :)