Thursday, May 02, 2013


This morning at Hatchery was really beautiful. The sky was clear, the sun was shining and the barn swallows were swooping around. One of the farmers was out plowing with the horse team and they had the oxen out working also. There were four school groups that came through today and I helped with the shelling station. They were learning about corn, and we first took them to see the corn 'crib'. The kids were asked what a 'crib' is and kids in the two groups from the city school said a 'house' (some also said a baby crib). Very interesting the difference in culture. For today, they got to chill in the (corn) crib. Then they got to shell the corn and learn interesting factoids which I am sure they will remember for a while. The best fact of the day? What did people use corn cobs for in 1900? There is the obvious answer: compost. But the other answer? Toilet paper!!! That'll wake you up in the morning. The best part was watching their faces when they learned this. Meanwhile, our Hatchery kids learned about potatoes and of course visited all the animals and did their chores. They always come home happy and worn out.

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