Thursday, May 09, 2013


  • I sent my first text message this week. Like..first EVER. I sent it to my brother because I figured that he would appreciate it, if he didn't have a heart attack first. Thankfully, he didn't.
  • Today at Hatchery, one of the school kids saw the chicks (which are in their funny dinosaur stage) and asked 'Are those passenger pigeons?' :)
  • James has a poetry reading at school tomorrow. I can't wait to go and see him!
  • I am sewing a costume for the Living History Farm right now. It is coming along well, and providing some technological challenges for me. I also learned in my research that shell buttons were in their heyday during our 'time period' (1890 to 1910). I had no idea that the majority of shell buttons came not from the ocean, but from the Mississippi River!
  • James had a bad day at school today. He came home and was very upset and cranky. After a little bit, he asked to muck out the chicken coop. Why, yes! Who would turn down that offer? He did about 2/3 of it before he stopped, but I think that that type of work is calming to him and it helped him settle himself. Yesterday he made about 20 paper airplanes, which he said was 'soothing'. I am glad he is learning the joy of doing something with his hands, as well as figuring out what things he can do to calm himself down.


Shay said...

I think sending my boys to your house for a week would be like summer camp, where they could learn all the cool crap that I am clearly not teaching them. Love this post.

Terry and Linda said...

I like working my 'stuff' out also!