Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tyler the Storyteller

Tyler has been coming up with some real doozies lately. Yesterday he told me that sharks don't poop or pee, they just have bubbles come out of their mouths. And they get water in their eyes, but they don't worry about it. He has also been telling various versions of the same tale. It always begins with "Once upon a time, Daddy and I went fishing.' Next come the sound effects, something along the lines of 'Thump, Bump, Thump, Bump!' or 'Swish, Bang, Swish, Bang!'.....And then! A bear came out of the woods! At this point in the story, it could go one of two ways. Option A is that Dad shot-ed the bear, and they 'kinned it and 'woasted it' over the fire. And they ate it for their night dinner. And it was really good. In one version of the story, they made bear tacos, which sounds like a pretty nice way to get the job done if you ask me. Option B, the more humane option, involves Tyler catching the bear with his fishing pole and reeling it in. And when the string was almost ready to break, he 'woped it' with his rope and they 'catched' it and kept it for their pet. The bear is named either 'Little Bear' or 'Dino' depending on the night. Judging by the kid's storytelling skills, I think he's going to be stellar at creative writing someday!

And speaking of hilarious, I am not sure I wrote this down here but I must, for posterity. In our house, we love Mexican food. While most people eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, we eat the Mexican version: the bean burrito. We like all manner of Mexican food. About a year ago, it came to my attention that James actually thought we were Mexican, because we ate so much Mexican food. Buzz kill! Sorry to disappoint you, buddy, you're a mostly German mutt. But hey, if they're handing out honorary Mexican certificates, we're in!

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Terry and Linda said...

You made me laugh out loud...we love Mexican food here also!!