Saturday, May 11, 2013


For the last month or so, Katie and I have a new bedtime routine. We pray by taking turns telling God what we are thankful for. It may be things like 'my family', 'art supplies', or 'comfy blankets'. Then at the end we say 'thank you God' and 'Amen' together. She loves that ritual. Tonight I said I was thankful for my Mom and she said "Who's your mom?" I told her Grammy was my mom and she said "But she's our Grammy!" I told her yes, but she's my mom too. Then she asked me if I used to live with Grammy. I told her yes, and she replied 'No wonder we know her!' That girl never ceases to be funny.

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Terry and Linda said...

The wisdom of babes!!! Happy Mother's DAY, Megan!