Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Brushes With Fame (Sort Of)

I was talking to my friend Erin this morning and we were discussing our various interactions (or glimpses from afar) with famous (or infamous) people. It all started because I was telling her that I just found out that one lady in my Bible study is closely related to the governor of a state. And another woman there has a husband who produces for a famous political commentator. I was saying how I don't have any sort of 'famous connections' like that and then the conversation turned to people we had some sort of connection or encounter with. Here is a short list of brushes with fame (in case you are interested in totally pointless information):

  • I threw up on Larry Burkett. Apparently he held me when I was a baby and I yarfed on his suit. It was one of my finer moments. 
  • I am pretty sure I spotted Daniel Stern of Home Alone fame in a Walmart when we lived in California. Either that, or I spotted his identical twin. He was filming a movie in the area so I'm going to tell myself it was him. 

  • Chuck Yeager lived nearby in California. I never spotted him but I think my brother did?
  • I saw Coolio in concert. It was a sad, sad day. We were given tickets which happened to have been purchased by a certain relative's now ex-husband, right before she left him. She was, obviously, not going to go with him, and he had only bought them for her, and somehow we ended up being on the receiving end of the unwanted tickets. And we felt obligated to go. You must know something about anyone who plays in Grand Junction, Colorado (at least back in the day): they are either a rising star (not yet famous) or a falling star who is looking for a place to land, no matter how obscure. Coolio happened to be on the downward trajectory when we saw him. So, we showed up looking like a couple of yokels and as it turns out, Jeff got frisked. Because there is a lot of space in a pair of Wranglers for smuggling contraband you know. And the concert? It was horrible. But when you consider that this is what he looks like...well....'nuf said.

  • I think this must have been when he was campaigning for re-election, we went to this pretty old farm near here to see George W. Bush give a speech. It was amazing how they secured what was essentially a huge corn field. They surrounded the perimeter with school buses which we eventually figured out was to block any long-distance sniper shenanigans. There were even Secret Service people in the silo. And the W showed up in a helicopter. Pretty nifty.
  • My grandma was in a wedding (as a flower girl) with Billy Grahm (a groomsman) and there is a picture to prove it.
  • One of my second cousins (or something like that...it's hard to keep track of the plethora of Heppner relatives) has 17 kids and was on a documentary a few years ago. 
  • I heard an astronaut speak (I think it was James Erwin??) at a church in Ridgeway and all I remember was he had a moon rock with him and as a kid I thought that was the coolest thing ever.
Thus concludes today's installation of mindless drivel. Have you had any run-ins with interesting/famous/infamous people?


Merry Jo said...

I went to church in California at Ronald Reagan's church (post-presidency). He was there and during the sermon, a kid in the balcony (very loudly) dropped a hymnal, causing all of the secret service around him to jump up.
Oh, and I rode on the log flume ride at Disneyland with MARIO LOPEZ (like, sat in the same log as him)! I do not have a picture of this, however, because at the bottom where you can purchase a picture of yourself about to go down the big hill, my dad said it was too expensive, and he didn't believe he was famous anyways. (This was in 1992 when SBTB was really popular!)
Your list is much more impressive, though... :)

Belinda Silver said...

I shook hands with former President Bill Clinton, when I purchased his autobiography, about 9 years ago.

Terry and Linda said...

No famous or about to be or once was people, no wait!!!!! My parents were friends with the guy who started J.C. Penney's. He used to summer on Grand Mesa and they knew him. I was 10 and really could have cared less. Although, I really like their dog ( a toy poodle who had a real diamond collar).


Shay said...

Well I don't have an actual connection to him, but I did meet Kirk Cameron last year. And it was a dream come true! *swoon* And Mandisa Tweeted back to me after I Tweeted about seeing her in concert.
I went to a GWB rally too, but it wasn't at a farm so I think it was his first election, not the 2nd one. It was very cool.