Friday, March 15, 2013


James' new thing is to spell out conversations with me. He is very good at spelling and he can spell quick! He will spell out whole sentences for me like 'Can I have more peas please?' or 'Tyler is being a pest.' I spell my response and we go back and forth, spelling as we go. Jeff was amazed the first time heard it. Sometimes we try to test him by giving him big or tricky words, but often he gets even those right. The boy can spell k-n-i-f-e without skipping a beat. I am glad that he is getting a good handle on spelling now, so that later in life he can articulate himself without using spell check and text lingo. And in other educational news....Tyler has apparently been paying attention to all the practice we've been doing around here. He keeps saying things like 'Hey! Chocolate starts with chocolate chips!' And 'owl starts with orange!'

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Terry and Linda said...

Your kids are so bright. I'm sure it is because you spend so much time with them!