Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The kids and I went to Lancaster today in honor of James' spring break. We picked up Aunt Sally and went to a few places. I am happy to say that I came home with some fabric, a whole bunch of flax seed, spices and 50 pound bags of oats and whole wheat flour. Yay!! Who gets excited about that stuff? Me! We came back and ate lunch at Aunt Sally's. She managed to send them home with more candy than I care to think about, which is now stashed away in the cabinet. We didn't see a whole lot of Amish activity today...perhaps they were having a convention somewhere? Do Amish convene? Hmm. On the way home, traffic was a breeze. That is, until exactly 6 miles from our exit on the turnpike. Then it became a parking lot. It was not stop and go. It was stop. For 35+ minutes. Ugh. Fortunately we had hit the library yesterday and stocked up on movies. That DVD player comes in handy sometimes! So I put in a movie and the kids were reasonably entertained. It may have also had something to do with being tired and coming off a sugar high. When things finally got moving (there was an accident a few miles ahead) every lane but ours moved. I waited thinking someone was turning their car back on or something. Well, I'll take 'or something' for $400 Alex, because the lady 3 cars ahead of us was completely zonked out, catching flies. People were honking and she kept on sleeping. I have to wonder how long it took her as cars passed her on either side. I am sure she felt super when she finally came to, parked in the middle lane of the turnpike with traffic buzzing around her. Talk about a power nap!!

P.S. I just looked up the accident. It was SEVEN cars! Fortunately there were only minor injuries. A ladder fell off a truck, and the accident shut the turnpike down for miles.


Terry and Linda said...

I'm so sorry about the accident, but having no one hurt is excellent!

Shay said...

that's hilarious! I could never sleep in a car like that, so awkward!