Tuesday, March 05, 2013

James' Dr. Seuss Hat

James' class recently had a Dr. Seuss party in honor of Reading Day. The teacher sent a note that the kids could wear Dr. Seuss gear if they had it, but not to go out and buy it. Just a week ago, they had the 100th day of school and were supposed to dress up as 100 year olds. I had tried to find a wig or an old man hat for him to wear, but the thrift store was sadly picked over. In the end, he chose to wear Grandpa Cheyney's suspenders and a bandana in his pocket. The rest of his class went all out, and I think he wished he had a better costume. This time around, I was determined the poor kid not feel shamed! After he went to bed I made him a Dr. Seuss hat wrangled together using felt, scratch paper and his head circumference. I was happily surprised that it fit him perfectly! He woke up the next morning, saw it and was thrilled! Which is good, considering I spent an hour on something he will probably never wear again. I am sure the other two will get good use out of it when they get into school too.

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Terry and Linda said...

That would have taken me days to do...one hour!!! I'm impressed.