Thursday, March 14, 2013


Today Tyler, Katie and I started the Hatchery program, which is similar to Farm Hands. Tyler had trouble adjusting to me leaving, which is kind of unusual because he is my most adventurous kid. He had some problems at church recently, but he said it was because another kid was always mean to him, and now that his favorite teacher is back, he has been fine. So...I am praying that he will adjust without any issues. Today, the kids got to learn about maple sugaring. They made their own spiles out of staghorn sumac and helped their teacher make pancakes which they ate with syrup made right on the farm. Us moms were put to work! It was like boot camp compared to Saturdays. First we had to push the old manure spreader across the barn yard, where we later got it stuck in the mud. Good thing the workhorses were nearby! Most of the women shoveled manure in from the sheep barn. The mama sheep are getting ready for lambing. Just yesterday, the first twin lambs of the season were born. To say they were adorable would be an understatement! They were so tiny. Another mom and I got barn duty, cleaning out stalls and getting ready for the school groups. I also had to patrol the barn for what was termed "Modern Crapola." So I trolled around for McDonalds cups, plastic buckets and florescent bailing twine. Can't have that in a 1910 barn! The end result of this is that I am very tired and probably very stinky. I ran this morning too, and that is adding to the ambiance...ha!


Shay said...

Sounds like a great day!

Terry and Linda said...

I would LOVE to be there with you helping!!!