Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I figured out how to put pictures on the new laptop! So now I shall bombard you with random pictures and their corresponding commentary.

The Squatch takes his marshmallows very seriously. You can just see the gleam in his eye.

Katie trying to roast her marshmallow just so. Unlike James and I, she doesn't like hers burnt.

Marshmallow aftermath

Our Swedish Candle log...pretty nifty, huh? We've had two fires with it so far and there is enough left to have one more.

Eggs! The white one is a store egg, the far left is an egg from one of our new chickens that hasn't figured out how to increase the size yet. The two on the right are the monster eggs some of our champion chickens lay. The far right egg is from Big Martha, who has laid big eggs from the very beginning. No wonder she is the one to make the most noise when she lays an egg!

And here is the purse I knitted! See Grandma? I did it!

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Shay said...

The eggs look pretty in the various colors. Love the purse!