Thursday, March 21, 2013


We had hatchery this morning and it was cold, again! I am hoping that spring weather will arrive, and stay, very soon. This week is 'New Faces' week at the farm. The pigs arrived, the chicks came in the mail, and a new team of oxen arrived from Maine. The oxen are 5 years old and named Jim and John. Except...with a 'Maine' John is pronounced 'Jawwwwn'. Apparently he will only respond to that particular pronunciation. Today our job was to help with the school programs and we taught the kids about carding wool. They also got to see a sheep being sheared the old fashioned way (with hand shears). And the best part of the day was seeing a lamb that had JUST been born seconds before. We made it there just as the lamb had dropped. Unfortunately our kids were back in their class, but us moms enjoyed the miracle of it all. The lamb laid still for what seemed like too long, but then started to stir. The poor mama was tired out, but she eventually got herself up and took care of her little baby girl. As it worked out, one of the school groups was getting the sheep spiel when the sheep gave birth behind the woman speaking. She said she wasn't sure what to do, because she didn't want the kids to think it was a bad thing, but she knew that some people would be upset. In the end, she just rolled with it. She said she would be sure to get a few angry letters, as they have in the past, by angry parents. But seriously!? Why would that be upsetting? I would have loved if my kids had been able to see it happen.


Belinda Silver said...

What an exciting day! I am looking forward to seeing the new baby sheep tomorrow.

Terry and Linda said...

Your son is going to grow up and be a farmer for sure after all of this!