Thursday, October 18, 2012

So Far, So Good

Day four of Katie's chicken pox and she is doing very well. I think she has a mild case of it. The pox are all over her legs and torso, but only a few on her arms and none on her face. She is such a trouper. She says they itch a whole bunch, but she is not itching them. Either she has a whole lot of will power or the Aveeno Calamine and Oatmeal stuff is magic. Maybe its both. Anyway, its not too bad. The jury is still out on Tyler. I figure he'll come down with it the day after Katie finishes her stint. It may be the month of cancelled plans. We shall see.

In other news, James is loving school. He can't wait to go in the morning. He is also coming home with lots of interesting pictures and number bonds on the back of his papers which tells me he is finishing his work early. Next week, he and I start the Farm Hands program at Howell Living History Farm. I am not sure who is more excited! The parents volunteer to help around the farm, while the kids do farm chores and learn about the workings of the farm. The program goes for 6 weeks.

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