Monday, October 15, 2012

Chicken Pox

So, Katie has the chicken pox...which I found out AFTER I had her in child care at church this morning. She has not been vaccinated for chicken pox. I had hoped that she would catch it naturally and gain immunity, otherwise she would have had the shot later in her childhood. I really didn't expect her to get it since it is becoming more and more rare. So, while I am not exactly excited to see my girl (and probably Tyler) miserable and itchy, it is what I had preferred. The doctor was very thorough and though she wasn't convinced that they were chicken pox initially, when she looked Katie over she decided it actually was. It was the first case she had ever seen. And NO, I will not be sending out any chicken pox lollipops.


Shay said...

oh my! crazy that that still even goes around. My kids all got the shot, and then were annoyed to find out that they had to get a booster for it again later, oy. Hope your kids aren't too crazy itchy! I had it when I was an infant so I have no memory of it.
And the lollipop thing? What in the world?! :S

Trish D said...

So has anyone from the "ardent homeschooling, nature loving, overachieving" group gotten wind of Katie's condition, and wanting to set up a playdate just so that their kids can get it, too?

Funnily enough A had it around 11 months, but it was a light case and I actually thought it was an allergic reaction to a new food - didn't hit me that it was chicken pox UNTIL she had shingles at age 5.