Saturday, October 27, 2012

Farm Hands

Last night I stayed out til midnight, believe it or not, with my Bible study ladies. I have absolutely no energy left, but I thought I would give you a quick bullet list of all the kids did at Farm Hands today. It was pretty much awesome! 
  • Shelled pop corn by hand and by antique hand cranked harvester
  • Harvested pop corn out in the field
  • Checked out the ice house...amazing!
  • Made caramel corn
  • Herded sheep
  • Fed chickens and collected eggs
  • Pumped water
  • Herded chickens into the coop (this was hilarious to watch by the way)
  • Climbed up in the hay mow and jumped down into the hay, over and over
  • Helped with fire wood
  • Learned about an old egg grader
  • Pushed the manure spreader all the way across the barnyard 'without horses!!' as James reminds me
  • Learned a little about blacksmithing
  • Watched the barn cat hunt and capture a mouse
  • Learned about wood ducks, corn worms, caterpillars and Osage Oranges
James was in heaven, and I loved it too. Watching the look on his face for 3 solid hours was priceless. He ran everywhere he went, that sort of joyous happy run that comes from being in his element. 

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Phillip and Rachel said...

I wish you had filmed his face during the whole sounds like a lot of fun!