Wednesday, September 05, 2012

First Day of School/Air and Space Museum

Well, today is the first day of first grade...and if you get that Veggie Tales song stuck in your head, I apologize. It is still stuck in mine. James was barely nervous at all, just excited and ready to be back at school. May it continue! I still don't feel ready for the whole 'full day' thing...seems like a loooong time. I packed his lunch (homemade tomato soup at his request), made sure he had all his supplies and off he went. Off to big, fun first grade.

And in other news (or is this so delayed it counts as past history?), here are our pictures from the Air and Space Museum in Virginia. If you ever get a chance, you should GO! Admission is free, parking is $15 which is quite a deal for a carload of peeps. 

Really cool Blackhawk (I think?)

Space Shuttle

I think this was the first manned space capsule...don't quote me on that. From the 50's

Tail end of the space shuttle

This one was beautiful, wood and cloth

Hello, huge plane! (too big to fit in one single picture)

One of my favorites: Air-phibian (it can fly, then the wheels detach and it drives)

Spirit of Texas helicopter

The Real Space Shuttle: This one was amazing to see in person, and it is made up of small squares of looks like a quilt up close.


Phillip and Rachel said...

What a fun time at the Air & Space Museum! Glad Mr. James had a great first day...can't believe he's in
1st grade.

Shay said...

Love this! I'll definitely add it to our list of future things to do with the kids.