Monday, September 10, 2012

Last Week

Last week:

  • James started first grade
  • James didn't want to ride the bus
  • I was working on three sewing projects for birthday/shower gifts
  • My dishwasher died (it's the end of the world around here)
  • I was planning a double baby shower for two moms in my Bible study
  • I was finishing up baby shower stuff
  • Did I mention my dishwasher broke?
  • Oh, and I decided I might want to plan a two-for-one birthday party for my kids, because, well...their birthdays are today and tomorrow.
  • So I made cakes...three of them to be precise: a Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake, the Discovery Space Shuttle, and a Princess Castle
  • We spent too much time driving around looking at cars
  • I finished two baby outfits (pictures to come)
  • I had a baby shower
  • I did dishes, and more dishes (and then my blessed Mother did more dishes, and more dishes)
  • I had a double birthday party for James and Katie (Happy Birthday, my loves!) 
  • And the brakes on the truck went out which is just swell. But thank God they went out in the driveway when Jeff was driving. 
  • And after all that, we managed to make a deal on a vehicle which we will be picking up Tuesday night.
This week better be uneventful. Very uneventful. I will post whatever pictures I managed to take when I charge up my camera batteries, because those went dead too. :)

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Terry and Linda said...

IT'S TUESDAY NIGHT!!!!! Photos tomorrow!!!