Monday, September 17, 2012

The Truck

Our fancy-schmancy vehicle is working out quite nicely. I am very slowly learning the features and have hopes that someday I will not be scared to drive it. We had planned for Jeff to replace the brake line on ye olde Explorer and then sell it. Alas, the brake line that went bad was in the frame and borderline impossible to replace. The truck is not in stellar condition to begin with, leaving us with a pile of junk we'd almost have to pay someone to take. Seriously. Can't even drive it to the junkyard. So, it shall will be going off to the fine folks at Habit for Humanity, who will no doubt auction it off for enough profit to buy a light switch or perhaps even a door knob. I think the scrapyard is the Explorer's very near future.

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Terry and Linda said...

Your birthday cakes turned out wonderful! I do believe you are extremely talented in Lots and LOTS of areas.

Glad you got the new was time!!

That hen is really a person, you know!