Thursday, September 06, 2012

Miscellaneous Part 945.3a

These photos were found on Jeff's phone. The kids must have been having a lot of fun clowning around. In other news, I present to you....the bullet point list. So original, I know.

  • James was less than enthused to ride the bus today, because he was afraid that he wouldn't know what to do/where to go/what bus to ride. He got himself all worked up, despite my best attempts to get him to cheer up. I could get him to giggle momentarily by reminding him of the many times Tyler has come streaking out of the room (literally) in nothing but his birthday suit, shouting 'I naked!' But as soon as the laughs were over, it was back to sobbing. When we got to the bus stop he started to really get scared, then started to cry. The moms there were so nice and encouraging. One lady asked her daughter to take James under her wing and make sure he got to the right place. The girl was awesome. Here's this over-sized first grader bawling his eyes out and she was totally unfazed. She walks up to him and says very matter of factly, 'C'mon James, you're gonna sit with me.' He didn't calm down and she looked at him with a 'Buddy, this ain't my first rodeo' look, and declared in a firm voice 'I've been riding the bus for three years now. It's gonna be fine.' We managed to get him on the bus with this poor girl, and he tried to bolt but the bus driver told him he had to stay on the bus. That's when I turned around and started walking home...and I started crying. There is something so awful about seeing your kid screaming for you and walking away that I just can't take, even if the kid does need to put on his big boy undies and ride the darn bus. Hopefully tomorrow will be much better.
  • We are still looking for a car. Annoying, but true. Large non-mini vehicles are not so common apparently. We are going start looking at Nissan Pathfinders too. I want to find a car, and I want to find a car now! No more dealing with creepy used car salesman and shady scam-artists. And I won't even get into the 'Your Credit Guaranteed! As long as you have a pulse, we'll sell you a car!' people. Oi!
  • Today is my sister's birthday...Happy Birthday, Rachel!!
  • Tyler is in to mustard. He wants it on everything. A piece of cheese? Check. A pancake with blueberry jam? Double check...eew! Today, in fact, for lunch he went rummaging in the fridge for the mustard. He brought it to me and asked 'what can I have on my mustard.' Fine way to plan a lunch, my boy!


Shay said...

awww, poor James & poor you. I feel ya. Some parts get easier, some parts get harder Sigh.
Love the mustard kid, that's good stuff. :)

Terry and Linda said...

I want a new car also. First times are really hard, and he IS the first. Everyone else will have it easy, because he was FIRST!