Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Tree

We have a Japanese Maple in our front yard. I love Japanese Maples. Their leaves turn such a brilliant red in spring and fall. Our tree isn't huge, but apparently this kind of tree is very slow growing. The trees on our property are at least 40 years old, according to our neighbor. Every time someone comes or goes from the house, basically anytime the front door opens, the kids run for the tree and climb it. They each have their own particular branch they like to climb. Tyler has recently decided that he wants to climb higher. Should I be surprised? In the photo, he is trying to climb into the little notch he likes to sit in. I am not quite sure of his tree climbing prowess yet, but he is. Aside from the chickens, the tree the other attraction when kids come over. The other day there were four kids up there at once, looking like so many monkeys hanging from the branches. 

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Trish D said...

I just got all misty reading this. We had a dogwood tree in our front yard that was the PERFECT climbing tree - D still talks about how he misses it.