Wednesday, September 05, 2012

That's How He Feels About That

James' first day went well. That is, until his teacher was going to put him on the bus because he is considered a bus-er. He freaked out. Fortunately, his Kindergarten teacher was around and knew what I looked like so he didn't have to get on the bus. Tomorrow, though...he's riding the bus for the first time. Oi! And my, oh my. It is CRAZY at the end of school. I really don't know how they make sure kids go to the right place. It was literally wall to wall parents and kids. We'll see if its like that after the first week. I hope not.

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Shay said...

I took the bus there the first year or two, but mostly walked after that. Always hated all that chaos on there. They do somehow seem to get everyone home every day though!