Friday, April 27, 2012


When I ordered this last batch of chicks, I ordered a few more than I wanted. The logic behind that was that chances are, I would end up with a rooster, or a loss. So far, no one looks particularly rooster-esque. However, it seems we might have another issue. James' favorite chick, ironically the only one who has been named so far, seems to be a little different. Sunny started out as a cute little ball of light yellow fuzz. Seemingly overnight, she has turned into an over-sized beast. She is larger than all the other chickens and spends her days plopped down by the feed bowl eating herself silly. This, coupled by the fact that her feathers are really sparse and funky, lead me to believe that instead of getting a White Rock like I had ordered, we might have gotten a Cornish Cross, also known as a 'meaty.' These birds are bred specifically to get fat quick and be ready for 'the table' at a very young age. They literally cannot live a long life because their bodies grow too fast and their hearts can't keep up. I am pretty sure in another week or two, if she keeps growing like this, it will be clear whether Sunny will be a short timer at La Groves Chicken Casa. Until further notice, we shall call her Chicken Dinner.


Shay said...

You kill me.

Jeff and Meg said...

He, he, he!!! :)

Terry and Linda said...

Yep! I think you got a meat chicken.