Wednesday, May 02, 2012


  • James wrote me a note today. It says: Mom, I luv uow. I wil hlp uow in the cithcin. Pretty much the best note ever! (Mom, I love you. I will help you in the kitchen.)
  • Saturday we are having an Art Show with our preschool co-op peeps. I am matting the kids' artwork so it all looks nice and fancy. Should be fun! 
  • I went to Walmart last night when Jeff got home from work. I kept singing in my head 'These are the people...of Waaaaalmart, who save money, live well, only at Walmart.' (Un?)fortunately I didn't spot anybody particularly worthy of THE PEOPLE OF WALMART site. 
  • El Pollo Gordo is looking meatier every day. The sunny side (get it?? ha, ha!) of the situation is that I have learned that I don't want to raise meat chickens. Even though we only have one, I am constantly refilling the feeder. It just sits there and eats and eats and eats. It doesn't even like to stand up much anymore. I really should take a picture and show y'all how big Chicken Dinner is in comparison to its buddies. I can't imagine how big it would be if we had it on special feed. Eek!
  • Jeff's last class is next Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Que the music: School's out for the summer! School's out for-EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (enough with the explanation points already! Can you tell I am excited?)

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