Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I'd Like To Think He Won't Do That Again....

...But this is Tyler we're talking about. This morning, I was getting Tyler dressed and noticed that he had a pretty dark bruise on his deliciously chubby little thigh. Upon closer examination, I noticed two odd marks at the sight of the bruise. I was trying to figure out how he got it. Why do I do that with a kid that is perpetually bruised and banged up? I have no idea. Anywho...the bruise. It dawned on me. Yesterday we had let the chickens out for a frolic in the yard. Tyler, well, he loves his chickies. He was chasing them around as usual, catching them by whatever he could grab, then cradling them in his little arms. The chickens are very good humored about this. The only one that isn't is Big Martha (the one that was attacked) and she is too fast for him anyway. Tyler was wrangling one of his feathered victims, and got pecked! He must have really hurt the hen, because they never peck at him (only when he has a worm in his hand). He was crying pretty loud, and apparently she got him good enough to leave a bruise with two little beak marks on either side. So I asked Tyler where the chicken pecked him, and he pointed right to his thigh. Mystery solved! My neighbor commented that he wouldn't do that again, but this is Tyler we'll dealing with.

And speaking of neighbors, yesterday the kids started to get their energy back. We were playing outside and I remembered that back with the energy comes the bickering. They were fighting over who got to hold a particular chicken and my other neighbor saw them. She tried to get them to share, because she saw I was over in my garden. Shortly thereafter, we went inside. A few minutes later, she called and said there was a 'sanity saver' on the fence for me. I sent one of the kids out and there was a bag with three children's books for the kids. That made my day! :)

And one more thing, then I'll shut up. I promise. We are getting a new batch of chicks tomorrow. If anyone wants to come over and see them in all their fluffy glory, let me know! They're gonna be cute.


Phillip and Rachel said...

You are nuts Meg...more chickies?

Terry and Linda said...

Oh, gosh! I'll bet that hurt!

Oh goodie More chicks!


Shay said...

ouchy! boys surely do like to learn the hard way, lol