Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Round Two

So, the lovely people of Bible Fellowship seem to be a little too good at sharing, because we've caught round two of the creeping crud. Tyler had it last week, getting sick about 12 hours after being exposed to it. We went to church on Sunday and what do you know?! James and Katie got it that night. They started in within 10 minutes of each other, and it made for another spectacular nights' sleep. I am pretty sure I am going to quarantine the kids for at least a year, or six. My washing machine can't handle all this laundry, and neither can I. Oh, and did I mention that the kids passed it on to me? Oh, yes, it was lovely. Fortunately we are all on the upswing and it is a very fast moving thing. If only the laundry would disappear with it.

And in other random news....Jeff always asks some variation of 'What is this?' or 'What am I supposed to do with this?' when it comes to food. I mean, we have had tacos approximately 2,897 times, and he still asks 'How am I supposed to build this thing?' It drives me nuts.  This morning, I made eggs and toast. He looked at it and asked me 'What is this?' It's not like I am a terrible cook and the food was totally unrecognizable. I don't know why he asks. But anyway, this might surprise you but on occasion I can get a little sarcastic. (ha!) So, when he asked 'What is this?' I replied, 'It's shirt on a shingle.' (Shirt being our code word for...well...) No sooner had I said it then Tyler comes around the corner in his jammies and pipes up 'I want some shirt on a shingle.' And then I heard the bells chiming and the angels swooping down with my Mother of the Year award.

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