Monday, April 23, 2012

Attempted Family Picture

When Erin was here, we made a few noble attempts at a family picture. Do you realize how hard it is to get five people to look at and smile for the camera? 

Tyler was not having any of it, and neither was Katie.

Why, let's try it again, shall we? This was part of a green wall that ran down an entire corridor. It was pretty cool. Too bad Tyler didn't want to be seen with us.


Random picture of Tyler touching the water

And again...the kids dunked their heads in this.

Looking out over the topiary garden

And here she is, the best of all the shots. No one has a finger up their nose, and no one is crying. Yep, I think that makes it a great family picture! :)


tori said...

cute photos! haha! Nice attempt...but the last one was good!

Terry and Linda said...

I liked all of them! And like you chose the last one is the best!


Shay said...

Very nice :)

Ms. Mc said...

OMG that was hard. Seriously. I don't know how the photographers at Sears do it. If I took family photos for a living, they would all end up on that Awkward Family Photos website. :)